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Kate's transgender hair story St Helens, Kate's Gone Blonde

Transgender Kate's Gone Alone - Hair Intergration


At Shimmers Hair Salon we have been creating beautiful hair for our Transgender community across the North West using the Hair Integration System. Hair Integration lends itself for any form of hair loss or clients who want great hair in an instant. 


More recently we have transformed Kate who previously had not been given the direction or advice she needed until she came to see us. We did a fabulous photo shoot for one of our main Trade magazines.

Here are some great images of that day.


Hair Integration by Lynne Webster 

Assisted by Leon Fenney 

Make up Artist Cenita Brown 

Photography Dave Henshaw

Kates Story

Hi I’m Kate, 35 and within the past few months my life has completely turned on its head. I made the decision to let all my family and friends in on my biggest secret. Something I’ve been holding for and fighting against the feelings for over 20 years, which is that, I’m a transgendered woman who’s been diagnosed by various Doctors and psychiatrists back in 2015 and has just started hormone treatment in May 2018.


I have no issue at all with the term or label 'Transgender' in fact I wear that name on my sleeve, and I am so happy right now.


Wow and was it best the decision I ever made. Yes it was a massive risk, as I knew I could loose everyone in my life, my position in the family business and I might even have had to move out of the area where I lived.


I went full time as Kate on 12th February 2018 and in that three months my life is just getting better and better I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and growing in confidence day by day.


Although one thing, which was missing, was I have suffered from male pattern baldness so I have had to wear wigs. I initially thought I’d found somewhere and I bought a wig which was very expensive as I didn’t have any other prior experience in wigs, the service I was given was poor and I was left to my own devices, plus the wig was cut poorly indeed. Luckily I was put in touch with Lynne from Shimmers Salon, St Helens who is trained in building, cutting and styling wigs but also recommended a wig company, Trendco in Manchester and was lovely enough to accompany me there one afternoon with my friend Nadine who has helped me out no end where I got a fantastic wig and superb service from Kristy for very reasonable cost. I also found out that as my condition is medical I don’t have to pay VAT on the wig which was a great saving and something I didn’t know previously as I’m sure many others don’t. 


Since then, I now have Hair Integration. I prefer Hair Integration as I feel it’s a permanent unit, and like hair extensions, does need maintenance. What can I say the smile on my face I’m sure says it all. Hair integration is an absolutely fantastic technique, which I’m sure, will change my life. Waking up with long beautiful hair is such an amazing feeling and just makes me feel so much more feminine. I hope many people see, read and are inspired by my story because it can be done if you just summon up the strength and courage to be who you really are. We only get one shot at this life. I took the plunge and now I feel I can go on and have an amazing life as Kate.  I’m loving life, I’ve got my arms firmly wrapped around it and I’m running with it. I would particularly like to help others that are in a similar situation as myself either by training as a councillor to support people who have any body issues or anxieties about themselves and my aim is to specialise in helping transgender children and adults alike or by running a help column in magazines.


If you would like to follow Kate on her transitional journey follow her on Instagram KatesGoneBlonde_


Instagram Shimmers-Hair-Salon

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